Supernova Edizioni Venezia

de Meth Lucio

A novel or a guidebook? A novel with characters and events from different periods who find themselves, beyond the historical and geography, reflecting, discussing, and sharing some timeless themes. A guidebook that rediscovers, in an original and amusing way, a Venice little known to most, through the testimonies of art. The novel and the guidebook are linked by a mysterious thread: an effective strategy for a deeper understanding of the esoteric languages which can be discovered through a careful observation of the works of famous artists, both painters and architects. Topics of occult doctrines, treated with the curiosity of the scholar seeking to understand. Something far away, incomprehensible, abstruse from one’s own everyday reality. Like so many citizens, not included in specific organizations, the author tries to perceive, in the various religious and philosophical concepts, secrets and knowledge reserved for a limited circle of society, both ancient and contemporary.