Supernova Edizioni Venezia

Distefano Giovanni

Venice century by century briefly tells the story of the Serenissima Republic, starting from a suggestive legend that begins its history on 25 March 421. Each century is preceded by an archaeological summary and from there develops the account of the human and social history of a people who, in the heart of the lagoon,  build a city that develops politically, remains poised between East and West and finally imposes itself as an international power founding first a Stato da mar or Maritime State (1204) and then, during the 15th century, a Stato da terra or Mainland State. Envied and feared, Venice was fought over both by the Turks, who wanted to limit its dominion over the seas, and the European powers, who joined forces against it. Venice was never subdued by anyone, but on 12 May 1797 the last Doge had to yield to Napoleon’s arrogance and abdicate in favour of the democratic Municipalità Provvisoria. A new history began: Venice was ruled by the French and the Austrians (1798-1866), and later became Italian (1866). Then the water, which turned from friend to enemy (1966 and 2019), again became the new battlefield for this extraordinary city that has no equal in the world.