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Boccardi Luciana

This year, celebrating the centenary of the birth of Ingrid Bergman (1915-2015), the press around the world has recalled her successes, her loves, the scandal, the story of her life. There is one day, however, that has never been covered in any of the pages dedicated to the actress. Until now no one has known about it, and it has remained un recorded and un - published: my day with Ingrid, in the far off summer of 1977, in Asolo. The meeting with Bergman, in the medieval hillside village nestl ed in the ‘purple’ hills of the province of Treviso, allowed me to get to know not just the great actress, the star, but also a woman. A real woman – with her passions, her mistakes, her disappointments, her egoism, her affectionate maternal self, often under stress – who fought the war of life armed with respect and a smile. *** Translated from Italian by Edward Smith