Supernova Edizioni Venezia

Fragiacomo Sergio

Food and Wine at the Bistrot de Venise. Food in Venice, poetry and local culture, arts and crafts, but also a passionate attention to the eating and drinking traditions of the past. Venice, which has always been a model city for the coexistence of different peoples and cultures, almost required us to recover local gastronomic cultures and foreigners that had been distracted by tourism and equally inattentive operators. With the indispensable support of Marcello Brusegan, historian of medieval gastronomy, and later Dr Michela Dal Borgo, we have therefore taken a path, sometimes complicated, but full of ideas and suggestions, which characterises the various ethnic groups and the changing economic fortunes that have inevitably marked the eating habits and customs of Venice! (See inside the Historic Cuisine - Classic Venetian Recipes) Wine in Venice, another important theme developed with the technical support of Dr Cancellier and the enologist Enzo Michelet, saw us as promoters of small regional producers in search of “lost roots”, diffused wines with international reputation, and we are particularly proud to have contributed to making known and appreciated the grapevines that have worthily represented the lagoon city over the centuries. In this respect, “Laguna in the glass - The vineyards found” – a spontaneous association founded by Flavio Franceschet in 2009 – has found in the Bistrot de Venise the ideal partner to present the wines produced annually in the Laguna  vineyards, recovered by a tireless and precious group of men and women in love with the city! (See inside the description sheets of some “ancient” vines from Veneto and Friuli V.G.)