Supernova Edizioni Venezia

Contessa Marco
978- 88-6869-388-6

“That Venice is beautiful is nothing new. Nor is it a secret that you can photograph it, even casually, and profit from this beauty. Sometimes, however, over the thousands who gaze idly and unhabituated on the city’s shapes and colours, someone emerges who is able to show it to us from a fresh perspective, with surprising colours, geometries and angles that help us to see its contours and substance in a new light.

Marco Contessa captures the essence of Venice through his distinctive use of colour saturation and depth of field. His work reflects the city’s moods and hues that change with the passing minutes, in which the exact same shot can assume another meaning with a few seconds of anticipation or delay in capturing the moment. He offers us Venice and its lagoon as a collection of unique moments, each with its own individual characteristics, suspended forever in a timeless time.” Marco Toso Fei